Our Mission

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“AM” is for Asset Management.
“Precedent” is a new standard.

Precedent Asset Management is setting a new standard. We are establishing a precedent for the future of asset management.

We want to help you achieve a new level of clarity, simplicity and effectiveness in your finances — providing the framework for making decisions and following a path that builds true wealth.

Who We Serve

Precedent Asset Management provides ongoing financial planning and active investment management services for:

  • Physicians and Health Care Executives
  • Families planning for or entering retirement
  • Investors seeking careful risk management
  • High-income earners wanting to minimize lifetime taxes

We work only as a fiduciary advisor to our clients in exchange for a reasonable fee. We do not receive commissions or other forms of revenue from product providers. You gain an advocate and counselor working to ensure the best possible outcomes in every aspect of your finances.

Cost of Services

Financial Planning

Financial planning services are provided on an ongoing basis for an initial fee starting at $1,500 and as little as $600 per quarter.

Asset Management

Our asset management fee is 0.0375% to 0.25% quarterly on assets we manage, depending on the size of your investment portfolio.

We do not have a minimum asset requirement that you need to meet to work with us.

Professional services are also available for a flat retainer fee. See the Services page for more information.

Job Opportunities

We just hired!

We recently filled our open positions, but are always open to talking with great talent.

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If you are the right person to join Precedent AM, we’d like to give you the opportunity to knock our socks off. Please introduce yourself and send a sample of your best work.

Read our Fiduciary Pledge and Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
Notices and Disclosures

Your Professionals

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