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Asset Class Returns — Weekly Observations for 7/13/2018

As promised two weeks ago, following is a recap of the returns for the primary investment asset classes year-to-date through the end of the second quarter, along with my assessment of the opportunities. Asset class returns listed are sourced from Blackrock and State Street Global. Global stocks are down 0.43% (MSCI ACWI) There are dozens of sub-categories of...
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A War Nobody Wins — Weekly Observations for 7/6/2018

Last night at midnight, the U.S. started collecting a 25% tariff on over 800 products from China, representing $34 Billion dollars of trade with the U.S. This follows other tariffs recently imposed on countries around the globe (particularly on steel and aluminum imports), with more tariffs pending. The theory behind tariffs as an economic strategy is...
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