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The Things You Can Control

Alright, the stock and bond markets have been getting all the attention recently. So this weekend, let's take some time to refocus on a number of financial planning matters. The actions I'll discuss below have every bit as much impact, and more, on your financial success as ruminating over the stock market does -- with...
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We’d Be Better Off Here

This note will print a little long, as I want to get some informative charts in your hands and a few quick comments on each.
The weekly jobless claims report that was released this morning was not a surprise -- but words can't describe it. So here's the chart. I've marked the 2009 unemployment peak...
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The Tide Is Out

I've fielded a few questions in the last couple of days about the safety of our bond investments. The quick answer is that we maintain a very high quality bond portfolio -- and monitor the credit quality closely. When we need to use bond funds instead of directly owning bonds, I have rigid...
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Investing Through the Coronavirus

-8%, +5%, -5%, -10%, +7%, -11%
These were the returns in the stock market (All Country World Index) starting with Monday last week, through today. These are incredibly wild swings with a net decline that looks remarkably sharp (5-year chart):
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