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Kenneth is the founder and principal of Precedent AM. He serves individuals and families through financial planning, investment management, and an unprecedented level of fiduciary care in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and the surrounding region.

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Free Trading and Free Custody

There has been a series of news headlines over the past few years that you may not have noticed, culminating in the news recently that two of the largest custodians for investment clients are merging, with Charles Schwab buying out TD Ameritrade. This was preceded by the news that Schwab, TD...

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Income Disparity

I talk a lot about using taxable income disparity in order to dramatically reduce your overall taxes. For clients building wealth, we focus on creating tax diversification. For divorcing couples, we carefully allocate taxable income to create the lowest combined household taxes so more money is available to meet each individual's...

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Debt and Investment Timing

In my most recent article, I concluded my letter with a recommendation to reduce your debt level -- or maybe to even make the decision to become entirely debt free. 

I want to follow up briefly on that and explain why sometimes I advise you...

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Who’s Rich?

I want to offer you an alternative definition of "rich" to consider. 

Most of us think about being rich in terms of dollars accumulated, or a certain level of annual income. In reality, the definition lies on the other hand -- how much we spend....

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