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Positioning for 2017 Tax Reform

December is quickly coming to a close, along with our final chance to do any significant tax planning before year-end. There are a number of proposals on the table for 2017 from Republicans and President-Elect Trump (proposed tax reforms) that could have "yuge" implications for 2016 year-end tax planning. One of Mr. Trump's prominent...
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Losing Money in the High Risk Window

Warren Buffet is quoted as saying, “Rule number 1 of investing is never lose money. Rule number 2 is never forget rule number 1.” Not losing money (what we in the financial industry refer to as downside capture) is key to long-term financial gains, as any negative return totally negates compounding interest, and the higher...
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Catching the “Big One”

Many of us either fish, or know someone who fishes, and the tendency to focus on the “big one” or “the one that got away”. There is something inherently natural about valuing ourselves for our biggest catch. Perhaps it boils down to a primal need to feed ourselves and our families -- and the bigger...
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Writing a Sympathy Letter

Writing a sympathy letter can be difficult because often times we feel awkward addressing such a serious matter, or we worry about saying the wrong thing. It can be tempting not to say anything at all and let our insecurities get the better of us. In my experience, people would rather hear from you than not....
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