Social Security Integration

At the July 13th, 2015 White House Conference on Aging, the Social Security Administration announced they will begin providing individuals with an easily transferrable data file containing the information needed to help you know how much to expect in Social Security retirement benefits each month.

As we continue to enhance the Financial Independence analysis prepared for every financial planning client, Precedent Asset Management has developed an integration with this Social Security data to provide you with tailored retirement advice that incorporates the cash flow timing, tax impact and asset structure of your total financial picture. The result is a Lifetime Income strategy that is easy to manage, reduces taxes, and is designed to meet all your personal and family goals and needs.

Our Financial Independence and Lifetime Income strategies have always incorporated all of your investment accounts, including those with other firms, employer retirement plans, other income sources and Social Security. This new data integration with Social Security will further enhance the accuracy of our analysis as we work with you to build a secure retirement and achieve financial independence.

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