Introducing Stacy

I’d like to take a moment introduce you to Stacy Antrobus and welcome her to Precedent Asset Management. Stacy joined Precedent Asset Management as our Practice Manager earlier this year, and has spent the last several months studying our processes and services, and has already made significant improvements in how we serve clients.

In recent weeks, Stacy began to roll out a number of new processes to better serve you and has started communicating with clients on a daily basis. You can reach Stacy at, or by calling our office at 800-264-9908.

Prior to joining us, Stacy worked as a key member of the management team at This Old Farm, a respected central Indiana supplier of locally-raised organic meat and produce. Those of you that know the history of our own family farm won’t be surprised to learn that I originally met Stacy a number of years ago at a sustainable agriculture conference while she was working closely with the software engineering firm my brother owns.

Because of the nature of my work with you, nothing could be more important than the quality and depth of character of each of our team members. So I was thrilled when Stacy applied to a rigorous job posting early this year after being recommended to me by my brother.

Stacy lives in Indianapolis with her husband and two children, loves cows, and is active in their local church community. She is a key member of our team, and works directly with our clients and partners to meet the financial planning and investment administration needs of everyone we serve.

On behalf of Stacy and everyone at Precedent Asset Management, thank you for the opportunity to serve you!