The — Not So — Simple Investment Choice

When I started my first job after college — before I became a financial planner — I was handed an enrollment packet for the company’s 401(k) plan and told to pick what I would be investing my retirement savings in. Like many people, I had no idea what the right choice was so, naturally, I selected what I thought was the most simple investment option — a target-date fund.

Looking back, I find it almost humorous how little guidance I was provided when it came to which investment option was appropriate for me. While I knew there were risks involved with investing, such as the potential for losses, I didn’t fully grasp what risks were involved when using target-date funds. In this post, we’ll explore the important realities of target-date fund glide-paths, the risk associated with these funds for those nearing retirement, and the steps that need to be taken by investors and plan sponsors to mitigate these risks.

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2018-04-03 Target-Date Funds