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Losing Money in the High Risk Window

Warren Buffet is quoted as saying, “Rule number 1 of investing is never lose money. Rule number 2 is never forget rule number 1.” Not losing money (what we in the financial industry refer to as downside capture) is key to long-term financial gains, as any negative return totally negates compounding interest, and the higher...
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Catching the “Big One”

Many of us either fish, or know someone who fishes, and the tendency to focus on the “big one” or “the one that got away”. There is something inherently natural about valuing ourselves for our biggest catch. Perhaps it boils down to a primal need to feed ourselves and our families -- and the bigger...
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Easy Year-End Steps for Today

  1. 529 Plan contributions need to be received by the last day of the year. For Indiana residents, missing this deadline can result in the loss of a $1,000 tax credit. Check your year-to-date contributions soon.
  2. Required Minimum Distributions are a major tax-trap with a penalty of 50% of the amount missed. If you are over age...
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