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We’d Be Better Off Here

This note will print a little long, as I want to get some informative charts in your hands and a few quick comments on each.
The weekly jobless claims report that was released this morning was not a surprise -- but words can't describe it. So here's the chart. I've marked the 2009 unemployment peak...
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The Tide Is Out

I've fielded a few questions in the last couple of days about the safety of our bond investments. The quick answer is that we maintain a very high quality bond portfolio -- and monitor the credit quality closely. When we need to use bond funds instead of directly owning bonds, I have rigid...
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The — Not So — Simple Investment Choice

When I started my first job after college -- before I became a financial planner -- I was handed an enrollment packet for the company's 401(k) plan and told to pick what I would be investing my retirement savings in. Like many people, I had no idea what the right choice was so, naturally, I...
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2017 Fall Update

To access a copy of this quarter's client letter, please complete the form below. Once you submit the form, you will see a link below to the most recent letter. You will also receive all future letters and we'll gladly remove you from the list anytime. The letter is typically sent three weeks after each quarter...
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