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How to Minimize Risk in a Stagnant Market

The downside risk discussed in a previous post is one metric investors have to ensure their financial plan is properly insulated against market downturns and can withstand any potential losses. Understanding your exposure to risk will help you make better informed decisions.

In addition to identifying your downside risk, investors also...

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How much could you lose?

How to Determine Your Downside Risk

Working with an investment professional is a worthwhile endeavor; especially if you lack the experience or time to properly manage your investment portfolio. Taking advantage of an expert’s guidance to build your nest egg can help usher in gains that will set you up comfortably during your next phase of...
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The Value of Cash

In last week's Fall Update, I mentioned the current levels of cash and short Treasuries in our portfolios, citing Warren Buffett's position on cash according to his biographer:
“He thinks of cash differently than conventional investors,” Ms. Schroeder says. “This is one of the most important things I learned from him: the optionality of cash....
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Trust Custody

Who owns the investments in your brokerage account? When you buy a home, the Deed to the property is recorded in your name. When you buy a car, the car's Title is registered in your name. If your home was instead deeded to your real estate broker or your car registered to the car dealer, most of us would...
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