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Weekly Observations

The Things You Can Control

Alright, the stock and bond markets have been getting all the attention recently. So this weekend, let's take some time to refocus on a number of financial planning matters. The actions I'll discuss below have every bit as much impact, and more, on your financial success as ruminating over the stock market does -- with...
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Investing Through the Coronavirus

-8%, +5%, -5%, -10%, +7%, -11%
These were the returns in the stock market (All Country World Index) starting with Monday last week, through today. These are incredibly wild swings with a net decline that looks remarkably sharp (5-year chart):
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First Things First

Most markets were up a lot today, so please review my Friday, Monday, and Wednesday letters from the past week for insights on our strategy right now. 

The only question I've been getting consistently is how to "get in right at the bottom". Trust me, that's not really a thing...

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