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Weekly Observations

Some Context, again

Do you remember December 2018? The market was down 20% just before Christmas eve, and it has now reached that percentage decline again. Have I mentioned this is normal? Thought so.
Here is the context chart I like to show you periodically to give you a sense of how this looks in the scope...
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Big Moves

Today we saw a big move down in the stock market and there are some really interesting things going on. 

Oil is down about 25% in one day following a surprise price-cut announcement by Saudi Arabia this weekend. That should be nice at the gas pump, but will be a hard hit for some sectors...
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More of the Same

It was another week of continued coronavirus news, interest rate decreases, and market volatility. The stock market was essentially flat for the week, with a number of positive and negative 3% and 4% moves. Just a lot of routine volatility and policy makers trying to make it stop.
If you're in or nearing retirement, and...
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10 Important Things

1.  This past week the stock market declined by 10%, and is down about 12% from the mid-February peak, making this an official stock market "correction".
2.  Did the coronavirus cause this? Not really. The concerns about the economic impact of the virus were certainly the most obvious catalyst. But far more importantly, the...
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