Weekly Observations for 4/20/2018 — Care At The End

During my senior year in college, as my time as a student leader was coming to a close, I vividly recall my mentor — Pastor Chuck — leaning into our conversation as he said two words to me: “End well.”

I’ve never forgotten that advice.

Carolyn McClanahan, a highly respected physician and financial planner, published an article in Forbes today that addresses a conversation we are having with more and more clients — making good health care and financial decisions at the end of life.

I encourage you to read the brief article and think through what it means for you to “end well”. Then have that conversation with your loved ones.

Ultimately, we want to develop and capture your advance directives, caretaking, and proactive aging plan as part of your comprehensive financial plan. This begins with me sending you a simple questionnaire to get the conversation started. Then we’ll begin working together on the next steps.

This message is not just for older clients — it’s part of a life well-lived. If you’d like to begin the conversation, just let me know.