Weekly Observations for 5/11/2018 — Collaboration

I’ve been on the road most of this week, so I am grateful the weekend has arrived. But before I make my final trip home, here are a few items that I found particularly exciting this week:

I spent Monday and Tuesday meeting and collaborating with a number of other advisors and investment managers in Washington D.C. It was a highly productive couple of days, discussing best-practices for our work as wealth advisors, and diving deep into the current investment landscape. I came away with a significant volume of notes, which I’m excited to dive into and implement in the coming months.

On Tuesday, the Midwest region of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) appointed Patrick Daniels, our Director of Financial Planning, to their board of directors. NAPFA is the membership organization of fiduciary fee-only advisors and has been an important collaboration group for us for many years. Patrick’s appointment is well-deserved as he has been a strong advocate and organizer within the professional community for our approach to serving clients well. Congratulations, Patrick!

Finally, on Thursday and Friday, I had the privilege of participating in 16 hours of training with the Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, learning and working with attorneys across Indiana, and other professionals, on Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice. I am leaving with new skills and an incredible appreciation for the exceptionally high level of work we are able to deliver to clients when we work together in a client-centric process.

I am tired but grateful for this week and the work we are able to do. I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating the Mothers in your life!