On the Brink of Everything — Weekly Observations for 6/29/2018

After our contemplative week at Lake Michigan, Rebecca sent me the following article that we both felt captured some of our feelings on a life well-lived and “collaborating with aging” — it’s a good read if you’re 43 or 83.


If this softer side of finance isn’t for you, hang-tight for next week. With the 1st half of 2018 ending this weekend, I’ll have plenty of technical content coming your way. For me and many clients, it’s the “life well-lived” stuff that brings purpose to our wealth building, preservation, and legacy planning.

Next week I’ll have a full recap of asset class returns through June, along with a longer-term look at the data and our expectations in the weeks that follow. And our quarterly private client letter will be out on July 20th.

If you missed my piece “The Perfect Retirement” on June 8th, be sure to check it out. The simplicity seems to have struck a chord — I even had an inquiry from Indonesia on how to implement our approach to retirement income globally!

I hope you have a great weekend as the second half of 2018 gets underway!