strategy hierarchy

The following table is the composite performance, net of all fees, of all client accounts in each of Precedent Asset Management’s investment strategies as of June 30th, 2016.

Precedent AM Strategy YTD Net Return 1 Year 2 Year Annualized Annualized
Since Inception
Multi-Asset Strategy
(Inception 1/1/2015)
23.83% 17.30% 11.14%
Growth Strategy
(Inception 12/1/2013)
6.86% 6.60% 4.22% 5.39%
Blended Benchmark
(70/30 ACWI/US AGG)
3.04% -0.24% 0.38% 2.84%
Moderate Strategy
(Inception 12/1/2013)
4.84% 5.32% 3.40% 4.39%
Blended Benchmark
(50/50 ACWI/US AGG)
3.69% 1.58% 1.40% 3.27%
Conservative Strategy
(Inception 12/1/2013)
5.07% 5.72% 3.44% 4.23%
Blended Benchmark
(30/50/20 ACWI/AGG/SHY)
3.56% 2.41% 1.83% 2.99%


The composite return is the asset-weighted average of the performance of all discretionary client portfolios included within each respective strategy composite. Returns are presented net of all fees, including any applicable custody and trading costs, manager fees, fund expenses, and our highest applicable annual advisory fee (currently 1.0%). Results are total return and include the reinvestment of all income. Results are based on fully discretionary accounts under management and include accounts no longer with the firm. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.
Benchmarks are calculated using the total return of the respective iShares ETF for each index (ACWI, AGG, and SHY), weighted according to the blended benchmark, and rebalanced annually. The Multi-Asset Strategy is unconstrained and, therefore, can not be accurately compared to a static blended benchmark or index. There may be material differences between the firm’s strategies and the benchmarks. For example, the strategy doesn’t hold all securities in the benchmark’s universe, the strategy may hold securities that are not included in the index, and the cash allocation of the composite varies depending on market conditions.
Descriptions of each of our investment strategies are available at