Annual Planning Update

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My top priorities for the coming 12 months:
Top priorities for the coming year are rarely financial items, although they can be. More often they are related to some aspect of your family life, relationships, career, physical and spiritual health, or similar goals. Our planning work will help facilitate these priorities and provide insight into the financial implications of reaching them.

These are the things I would like to address in our planning work together during the coming year:

Retirement How secure are my retirement plans and projected lifetime income? Am I saving enough, or is the income I’m taking sustainable? Review pensions and Social Security, and employer retirement plan(s).

Education Funding Am I on track with savings for children/grandchildren, and taking maximum advantage of tax benefits for education funding?

Cash Flow I could benefit from some guidance on household income and spending, and strategies to automatically monitor and manage my cash flow.

Assets and Liabilities I would like to clarify and more closely monitor my net worth statement, and discuss ways to improve the makeup of my assets and debts.

Debt Reduction I want to reduce my overall debt levels and possibly begin working on a plan to eliminate my debts.

Taxes Am I taking advantage of every opportunity to reduce my current and future tax liability?

Investment Management Are my investment portfolios properly diversified for my unique combination of desired risk, needed long-term returns, and the time frame for reaching various goals? How are the different assets I own performing? Is my employer retirement plan properly allocated? Are my investments tax-efficient?

Charitable Gifting I would like to explore ways to be more intentional with my giving, and learn about different gifting strategies that could benefit my charitable interests and me.

Family Gifting I would like to explore ways to give assets to family while I am still living. Can I afford to do this? I want to learn how to pass on wealth while also protecting my family from events such as divorce and lawsuits.

Estate Planning I am not certain that all of my estate documents are in order or properly set up. I would benefit from a full review of my current estate plans, and what I can do to improve how I care for my loved ones after my death.

Disability Planning I would like to review the combination of employer-provided disability insurance, private disability insurance and Social Security that is currently in place for me. What would my household cash flow look like if I became disabled, and will it be enough?

Long-Term Care / Elder Care I am concerned about the cost and quality of care for a family member or myself as we age. How do I navigate the nursing care system? Should I purchase some form of long-term care insurance?

Life Insurance I would like to thoroughly review my various life insurance policies, including the type of insurance, the costs, benefits, and beneficiaries, and determine if my current coverage is sufficient for the needs of my family.

Health Insurance There are changes occurring in my health insurance options that I don’t fully understand or am concerned about, and I would like to review and discuss the options with you.

Property and Liability Insurance Do I have all the coverage I need for my home, vehicles, other property, and liability?

Significant Events I am expecting a significant life change this year and need to discuss the impact on my finances, cash flow, and planning.

Marital Status Moving Job Change Income Change Business Startup or Sale Children Bankruptcy Lawsuit

Miscellaneous Items These topics sound appealing to me. Please let me know how to accomplish one or more of them.

Paperwork Reduction Automating Your Finances Stopping Junk Mail and Telemarketing Identity Theft Prevention

Other Items: